Smart lock,Home renovation diy ,Smart door lock,deadbolt, bosnianbill can't be pick XPUZMAG

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Smart door Lock-os-9801
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    Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,Diy,bosnianbill can't be pick XPUZMAG,3D deadbolt Lock,KO Bump Key,

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    Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,


    3D deadbolt Lock,XPUZMAG-KO Bump Key,


     bosnianbill can't be pick XPUZMAG




                          Mechanical 3D intelligent Deadbolt Lock


     Smart deadbolt door lock


    Technical Information


     The Smart Lock-XPUZMAG stands for X, Puzzle and Magic.

    A magical lock is with puzzling focus anddefocus function.

    A matrix bearing of lock will misguideinvader into traps. It needs to turn the bearing to unlock, then a puzzlingfocus and defocus function will confuse invaders while the bearing turning.


    Smart Lock-XPUZMAG

    has several real and false keypins

    that don't align with the shear line. Invaders cannot distinguish real andfalse one, let alone unlock it.

     The mechanism with irregular arrangement ofkey pins is impossible to open unless using the correct key.

     The superior lock is a combination ofcreative technology and intelligence. It can be applied to varied type of locks,such as gate lock, padlock, chain lock, auto-mobile anti-thief Lock, safe lock,vault gate lock, etc. The difference between Smart Lock-XPUZMAG

    and a commercially lockare listed as below

     l  Traditional mechanical locksetWith single axis or cylinder blockade and islack of variance. So that easy to be breakthrough.

    l  Combination locksetIt could be breakthrough by luck.

    l  Electronic auxiliary lock/Intelligent electronic lock

    1.     It’s limited and down by the lifeof components, insufficient power, abnormal temperature and humidity condition.

    2.     It will be a short cut for invadersvia the backup mechanical lock.

    3.     The multi-functional lockset is uselessonce one of the locking function is broken. The anti-thief function is not usefulat all.

    4.     All kinds of duplicator, card reader,demagnetizer, decoder , frequency detector and satelliteinterrupter are the natural enemy around. The anti-thief capability is doubtful.

     The “XPUZMAG” Lockset hascomplex robust mechanism, electricity free and will not be effected by temperatureand humidity. It's incapable of breakthrough. The traditionalmechanical lockset is commercialized for more than 100 years. “XPUZMAG” Locksetwill initiate a new era of lock and be the pioneer for next 100 years of lock dueto its unique technology, as well as outstanding burglarproof performance.

    Discardthe old fashioned lockset and enjoy using the innovative one,Smart Lock-XPUZMAG

    which iseasy DIY and ready to pass down for hundreds of years.



     Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,

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